Single Handle Rig Kit 


- 15mm Rod Shoulder-Mount Kit for DSLRs
- Quick-Release Baseplate
- Single Handle with Rubberized Grip
- Shoulder Support with Offset Bracket
- Follow Focus with Integrated Hard Stops
- Adjustable Lens Gear Ring

UPC:   840534101107
You Pay:   $575.00

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Product Details

The Lanparte Single Handle DSLR Camera Rig Kit is a 15mm-rod shoulder-mount solution for DSLRs or mirrorless cameras andcomes complete with a clamp-on follow focus and a quick-release baseplate. The baseplate includes a pair of 11.8" 15mm rods to support the follow focus and a single handle with non-slip rubberized grip. The single handle setup lets you support the rig with one hand, while freeing up your other hand to operate the follow focus for run-and-gun shooting. To complete the shoulder-mounted system, a shoulder support with 7.9" 15mm rods is included, which attaches to the rear of the rig using an offset clamp. The offset design places yourcamera's rear LCD screen in front of your eyes for easier viewing while shooting.

The follow focus uses a clamping designthat lets you attach it to the rods without having to remove the handles orother rod-mounted accessories. Integrated into the follow focus are A and B hard stops, letting you set start/end points on DSLR lenses that have continuously rotating focus rings. The follow focus features a 0.8 pitch drivegear, which can be positioned on either side of the gear box. For use with DSLR lenses that lack an integrated focus gear rings, an adjustable gear ring comes included.


Single Handle Rig Kit Details
Code No.

Single Handle (SH-01 )

× 1

Follow Focus,V2 


× 1

Gear Ring,V2 


× 1

Lanparte  Quick Release Base Plate 


× 1

2*300mm Aluminum Rods (AR-300)

× 1

Shoulder Support


× 1

Offset Clamp (OFC-01)
      × 1


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