How to power the Panasonic AU-EVA1 5.7K camera
Time: 2018-01-08 17:15:17

Let’s see what the power input specification of the Panasonic AU-EVA1

Input voltage
The AU-EVA’s user manual (page 18) says the power input from AC adaptor should be fixed voltage 12V. The power consumption is 19W, then the current is 1.58A  (19/12=1.58A)
DC connector
The AU-EVA1 uses the same size DC input port as SONY FS5 and FS7 camera. 

Option A: Power cable + Battery pinch
Using the Power cable from lanparte Sony FS5 camera DC power cable, this cable can support the MAX current up to 2.5A, more than enough to drive the camera.

1. Plug the yellow side to the AU-EVA input port,
2. The anther black to any fixed output 12V source to gain power for the camera. 


The VBP-01 from Lanparte has multi outputs for all kinds of devices:

12V   * 2 (Camera, light, monitor)
7.4V  *1 (DSLR camera)
 5V    *1 (Signal converter)
USB   *1

Option B:D-tap to fixed voltage 12V DC cable(click here to see the product)
Since the most of the video battery has D-tap output (from 12-16.8V), however the AU-EVA camera only accept fixed voltage input 12V. Due to that we add a voltage regulator module between the D-tap and the DC port. 

Click the above photo see the product

It’s easy to use just plug the D-tap to Broadcast battery and another end to the camera body.


Q:Can this cable also be used to power other camera?
A: Yes, it compatibles with following camera:

Q: What’s the length of the cable?

A: 60CM 

Q:How many Amps can the cable handle?
A:3.0 Amp