Angelbird SSD clamp with cold shoe mount and 1/4 thread


MODEL:   2710
You Pay:   $35.00

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Product Details

Lanparte SSD Clamp for San Disk E60 with Cable Clamp, Cold Shoe Mount and 1/4 Screw


The LanParte Sandisk SSD clamp with cold shoe is a mounting solution for working with the LanParte

BMPCC4K-HC, BMPCC4K-C camera cages and other cages on the market. The lightweight, compact

design fits perfectly the Sandisk SSD when an included plastic spacer is inserted.    If you remove the

spacer, a Samsung T5 SSD can be inserted.


There is a cold shoe socket on the bottom which provides a quick mounting function for the clamp to be

mounted on the cage easily. On the cold shoe there is rubber for friction for a close, tight fit when mounted.

The clamp is equipped with a small USB-C cable clamp to prevent any possibility of disconnection of the

SSD while shooting and losing valuable footage.


The clamp is designed for strength and machined out of aluminum with the user in mind. Weight is saved

by eliminating unneeded metal but yet keeping the clamp strong.  The top of the unit is cut out so the set

screw can be adjusted and the cold shoe can be removed.    Once removed,  the clamp can  be directly

mounted on the cage with the 1/4 set screw. It can also be mounted on the BMPCC4K on the top directly

when on a gimbal.


This kit includes:


•   The SSD Clamp

•   Sandisk SSD Spacer

•   Cold Shoe

•   LanParte tool


Model Number: 2713

Weight: 60g

Dimensions: 35 x 75 x 58mm




1. A dedicated clamp for San Disk E60 SSD, working with Lanparte BMPCC4K-C, BMPCC4K-HC cages and other cages     on the market.
2. Two knob screws to firmly lock E60 SSD and its USB-C cable
3. Fit for both San Disk E60 SSD and SamsungT5 SSD

4. Quick release cold shoe socket to mount the clamp on camera cage easily

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