Matte Box 


-  Fits Lenses Up to 100mm

-  Matte box height adjustable

-  Matte Box for 15mm Rods

-  Swing-Away Support Arm

MODEL:   MB-01
UPC:   840534105013
You Pay:   $369.00

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Product Details

The LanParte 2-Stage 4 x 4" Matte Box accepts lenses with up to a 100mm front outside diameter. It mounts to 15mm LWS rods and utilizes a swing-away design, which lets you perform quick lens changes without having to remove the matte box from your rods. You can adjust the height of the matte box in relation to the rods, which comes in handy when your lens center to rod center height is slightly off from the standard 85mm(from rod center to optical center).
Two rotating filter stages support the use of 4x4" filters. The matte box comes with a top flag (eyebrow), two side flags, four matte box donuts in 66, 72, 82, and 90mm sizes, and the elastic donut.

The matte box has a rear opening of 100mm for lenses.

The included anti-reflection donuts prevent light behind the camera from reflecting off any filters in the matte box and degrading the image. Included with the matte box are anti-reflection donuts for lenses with a front outside diameter of 66, 72, 82, and 90mm. The included elastic donut supports lenses with a front outside diameter between 66 and 90mm, and it is especially useful with lenses that grow and shrink as you change focus or zoom.
The side flags incorporate a hook design as a safety feature where they attach to the matte box. This helps prevent them from falling out of the matte box should the lock-down thumbscrew loosen accidentally.
The swing-away bracket incorporates a height adjustment, enabling you to compensate a total of 0.65" vertically. This allows you to use this matte box with a variety of camera/rod support combinations that may vary slightly from the industry standard 85mm distance from LWS rod center to lens port center.


Q: What dimensions of filter fit into thetrays? I'm not accustomed to the circular filters for matte boxes. Would theywork with circular lens filters?

A: The filter holders on this matte box arestandard 4x4 square, and it can’t work for circular filters.

Q: Are the two filter trays removable?

A: Yes, they are. And one of them is rotatableas well.


Q: What is the largest lens diameter thisMatte Box will support?

A: The rear opening of this matte box is100mm.


Q: Will this matte box causevignetting whenused with a 24mm lens? Paired with a full-frame 35mm image sensor.

A: You might indeed get a bit of vignettingwhen using this unit at 24mm. Maybe you can have a look at our 4X5.65 mattebox; it will be better.


Q: It works with Zeiss Compact Prime 2.0?

A: The Zeiss Compact Prime depending on whatmodel you have is 114mm to 134 mm. The front, rear opening of our Matte box is100 mm so the maximal lens size that works with our Matte box is 100mm.


Q: What the dimensions are in this matte box?Size and weight?

A: The dimension of the matte box is length: 8inches, height: 9 inches and depth: 14 inches with the French flag and sidewings. Without the french flag and side wings, the dimensions are length: 4inches, height: 10 inches and depth: 10 inches. As for the weight, it is 1.7lbwithout and 2.5lb with.


Q: What dimensions are the adapter rings?

A: Here are the dimensions of the ringsincluded with the matte box:

64mm,68mm, 72mm, 82mm

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