Matte Box, V2 


- Fits Lenses with 150mm Max Front O.D.
- Two 4 x 5.65” Filter Stages and compatible to 4x4”filters
- 15mm Rod Mounting
- Swing-Away Design
- Height djustable
- Anti-Reflection Interior Finish

MODEL:    MB-02
UPC:    840534105020
You Pay:   $619.00

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Product Details

The lanparte MB-02 matte box is arod-mounted carbon fiber matte box fits lens with a maximum front out diameterof 150mm. It features two filter stages. Two 4 x 5.65”(compatible to 4x4”filters)filter trays are included and one of filter tray can slide in the rotating stages. The matte box incorporates a swing-away design for rapid lens changes.The matte box is height adjustable, allowing you to adjust the matte box centreto lens centre. The anti-reflective coating matte box with the included removable top and side flags can be precisely set and locked to block straylight from flaring your lens.

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