Pro Kit for AU-EVA1 Camera


- Shoulder mounted
-  Extension arm for original hand grip
-  Top cheese plate fit for EVA1 camera
-  Monitor extension arm for extend and reposition monitor
-  One-in-all power supply
-  4*4 matte box
-  AB hard stop follow focus

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You Pay:   $1780.00

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Product Details

The Lanparte basic kit for Panasonic AU-EVA1 includes the EVA1 Extension Arm for original hand grip, ARRI Rosette Handgrip with Double ARRI Rosette Lock Rod Clamp, Top Cheese Plate forEVA1, EVA1 Monitor Extension Arm, V-Mount Shoulder Support V2, V-Mount battery and Battery Pinch, EVA1 Camera DC Power Cable. the 4*4 Matte Box, with Follow Focus and Gear Ring, and a Protective Case.

Complete Kit for AU EVA1 Camera Details
Code No.

AU-EVA1 Extension Arm  (EVA1A-01)

× 1

Follow Focus,V2 


× 1

Gear Ring,V2 


× 1

 Double Arri Rosetter Lock Threaded hole with Double Rod Clamp (ARL-01T-D2)

× 1

Camera DC power cable 


× 1

2*250mm Aluminum rods (AR-250)

× 1

V-Mount Battery Pinch (VBP-01)

× 1

V-mount Shoulder Pad (VMS-01) × 1

Matte Box,V1


× 1

 Monitor extension arm ( MEA-01) × 1

 10"Magic Arm


× 1
Arri Rosette Handle (UG-03)
× 1

ABS Safety Case 


× 1

Top Cheese Plate for AU-EVA1 Camera


 × 1

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