DJI Ronin M gimbal 25mm Clamp Adaptor


- Compatible to 25mm rods
- Compatible to lanparte monitor quick release mount MQR-01
- Heavy-loaded

UPC:   840534113322
You Pay:   $29.00

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Product Details

It’s the clamp for adding the quick release system to the DJI Ronin gimbal. You only need two parts to get the quick release function. 
1. 25mm Rod Clamp MQRC-01 (DJI Ronin handlebar diameter is 25mm). 
2. Monitor quick release plate (MQR-01) 

With this two components, you can mount/remove the monitor, wireless transmitter from the DJI Ronin gimbal in 1 second. More important, with the 1/4 screw and front block, the device attaches to the quick release won't spin anymore. This handy tiny gear saves your time and solves your problem. 


Click here to see the Monitor Quick Release MQR-01

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