Lens Clamp-On Adaptor(110mm) for matte box


- Compatible lens: 

  Cook S4
  LDS Cooke S4

-  For Lens with 110mm Outer Lens Barrel
-  Thumbscrew-Tightened Design
-  Keyhole Slots Attach to Matte Box

MODEL:   UMB-110
UPC:   840534116354
You Pay:   $89.00

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Product Details

This 110mm lens Clamp-On adapter for UMB-01/UMB-Pro from Lanparte is used to attach the matte box to a prime lens with a 110mm front diameter. The adapter attaches to the lightweight 4 x 5.65" matte box using its keyhole-type slots and it fastens to the lens via its screw-on clamp center. This adapter has a rectangular outer shape and a circular inner design.


Q: Is this matte box clamp-on adapter fits with ARRI matte box?

A: Yes, it fits either LMB-5/LMB-15/LMB-25 Matte Box.

Q:Is the key-slot the same as ARRI?

A: Yes

Q:Which kind of lens does the 110mm clamp adapter support? 

A:It supports  Arri LMB-5 Matte Box to any lens with a 110mm diameter lens barrel and other lens with 110mm front diameter. 

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