Remote Controller for SONY Cameras


- Compatible with SONY cameras with multi-interface
- 2.4G wireless control
- 30 meters control range
- One to Many for multiple cameras

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Product Details

Unleash your artistic vision and let your creativity and direction have new freedom to move about the shoot or set while adding improved operation and increasing the number of devices controlled with the LRC-01 remote control for multi-interface camera devices. 

The LanParte LRC-01 is a wireless remote control compatible with Sony A7 & A9 A6000series cameras, and other multi-interface devices that are controllable by Sony RM-VPR1 and JJC-SRF2 remotes. 
With noob instructions or interference, the LRC-01 allows for a control range of up to 30M while operating on the 2.4 GHz spectrum and the "One To Many" feature can allow for control of multiple devices with additional receivers(sold separately) paired to the remote - giving you the ultimate flexibility in locations and angles captured.  

The transmitter (8.5*5*2.6 cm) and receiver (4.2*1.2*0.9 cm) are paired before shipping, and re-pairing or adding receivers is as simple as putting the transmitter into pairing mode by pressing and holding both the RECORD and PHOTO buttons on the transmitter until the indicator blinks red, attaching the receiver to a camera powered "ON" and in a matter of seconds your camera or device is now wirelessly controllable. 

Traditional LANC interface devices can also be controlled wirelessly with the additional purchase of the LANC interface receiver. Compatible devices with a powered lens can benefit from the added ZOOM feature - giving your camera range in both capturing the shot and where you can take it. Unlike traditional remote control devices that require you to be in front of the device for control operations, LanParte's LRC-01 remote gives you the freedom to take control of both your shot and the device capturing it -making it a fundamental accessory on any shoot.


Products model




8.5*5*2.6 cm


4.2*1.2*0.9 cm

Packing size

17*11.2*3.5 cm


Product with packing box

G/W: 190g


N/W: 40g


N/W: 5g

Item list

Transmitter x1

Receiver x1 

Control distance

About 30 meters in the open environment



Q:Which receiver of the remote controller is compatible with my camera?

A:If your camera is SONY camera with MULTI interface, please choose the MULTIreceiver. If your camera is LANC interface or Panasonic remote interface,please choose the LANC receiver.

Q:How far is the remote control distance?

A:In the open environment, the remote controller can control about 30 meters. Ifthere is interference around, especially the 2.4G source or obstruction, theactual remote control distance will be shortened.

Q:What battery is used to power?

A:The transmitter uses two pcs AAA battery to power. Sony receiver is withoutbattery and Panasonic receiver use one piece 3.7V Li-ion battery.  

Q:Can a transmitter control multiple receivers to work?

A:Yes, you need to pair the transmitter individually with multiple receivers.Please note that the time code between each camera is not as accurate as theprofessional time code controller because of the wireless transmission, so theproduct can’t be used as a code device. 

Q:Why can’t my GH5 zoom?

A:Only the M4/3 mount lens with “power zoom” words can use the zoom function.

MULTIinterface camera compatible list:

FDR-AX1 FDR-AX30 FDR-AX33 FDR-AX53  FDR-AX100  FDR-AXP35  HDR-AX2000 HDR-CX220 HDR-CX230  HDR-CX240  HDR-CX280  HDR-CX290  HDR-CX320  HDR-CX330  HDR-CX380  HDR-CX390 HDR-CX400  HDR-CX405  HDR-CX410  HDR-CX430  HDR-CX440  HDR-CX450  HDR-CX455  HDR-CX480 HDR-CX485 HDR-CX510  HDR-CX625  HDR-CX675  HDR-CX800  HDR-CX900  HDR-GW66  HDR-GWP88 HDR-PJ220  HDR-PJ230  HDR-PJ240  HDR-PJ270  HDR-PJ275  HDR-PJ280  HDR-PJ320  HDR-PJ330 HDR-PJ340  HDR-PJ350  HDR-PJ380  HDR-PJ390  HDR-PJ410  HDR-PJ420  HDR-PJ430  HDR-PJ440 HDR-PJ510  HDR-PJ530  HDR-PJ540  HDR-PJ650  HDR-PJ660  HDR-PJ670  HDR-PJ675  HDR-PJ680 HDR-PJ780  HDR-PJ790  HDR-PJ810 HDR-PJ820  PXW-X70 DEV-50

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