Camera Shoulder Rig


- Compatible with ARRI 19mm Brdige plate such as BP-8
- Quick release safety pin to protect camera from sliding off
- Adjustable soft shoulder pad
- Interchangeable handheld bar
- Double ARRI standard handle with rosette teeth

UPC:   840534116224
You Pay:   $499.00

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Product Details

The cine shoulder rig isdesigned to work with the 19mm studio baseplate. It has ARRI style baseplatedovetail on the top, the whole cine kit with follow focus, the matte box can easilyslide into the shoulder rig. Fully compatible with ARRI BP-8 plate.

Underneath, there is a soft shoulder pad. Lose the screw a little bit;the shoulder pad can move from back to forward. The cameraman can find the bestposition he wants to balance the whole camera rig on his shoulder.

If cameraman finishes handheld shooting and wants to put it back on thetripod, just do the following steps to remove.

1.Pullthe underneath release knob to unlock the safety pin;

2.Pushthe whole kit forward and to slide the entire kit out off the cine shoulderrig.

On both sides, there are twostandard ARRI rosette teeth with M6 thread. We offer two handle grip with thisproduct. Of course, you can attach another device to the same connector to it.


Q: Is it compatible with my 19mm baseplate?

A: If your baseplate adapts to ARRIstandard dovetail, yes. It can be work with your baseplate.


Q: Can I exchange the bar?

A: Yes, unscrew the four screws in themiddle of bar then you can turn the bar around;


Q: How to prevent the camera from sliding off?

A: A hard stop in the front of the shoulderrig to prevent that happen.

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