GH3 GH4 GH5 Camera Kit


- Modular design for different shooting scene
- ARCA SWISS camera quick release design
- Baseplate with an ARRI style dovetail 
- One-side locking knob to lock two 15mm rods at the same time

MODEL:   GH5K-01
UPC:   840534102159
You Pay:   $380.00 

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Product Details

Lanparte GH5K-01 uses a modular design; It enables the user to switch the kit to a different style in different shoot scene. The whole kit consists of 4 parts. 
1. Universal top handle with NATO rail adaptor
2. Camera cage with quick release ARCA SWISS camera plate
3. 15mm standard baseplate with ARCA SWISS cage plate
4. LWS bottom dovetail plate

Top handle: The top handle connected to the cage by the standard NATO rail system, furthermore it has 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 thread on both sides to connect to another device such us magic arm. A cold shoe mount in the front of the handle for Microphone mounting 
Camera cage: The cage is customized, which is perfect matches the camera body. The cage and camera connected by the quick release ARCA SWISS plate and the safety locking knob on the left side. The cameraman can remove the camera body from the cage in seconds; it won’t stuck in the cage like the old cages on the market. Plenty of the 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 thread on each side to cage body to attach to other devices such as handling, lights, etc. 
15mm baseplate: With standard ARCA SWISS camera plates and quick-release design, the cage can be quickly released from the baseplate in seconds to have low position shooting or attach to the tripod. There is one-side locking knob on the baseplate; you can use it to lock the two 15mm rods at the same time, pretty fast. With standard ARRI dovetail design, the baseplate can be mounted on the ARRI standard bottom dovetail. The cameraman can use it as a Camera B in the film crew. 
LWS Dovetail: Hollow lightweight design with ARRI dovetail.

Thanks to the quick release and modular design, when you changed the cameras in future. You can keep or the gear you bought from Lanparte and just change the cage.

Q: What’s kind of camera can be used with the cage?
A: For Panasonic GH3 GH4 GH5

Q: Can I use the Manfrotto 501 plate?
A: Yes, there is three standard 1/4”-20 thread underneath the cage, you can use either ARCA SWISS or Manfrotto plate to attach it to your tripod 

Q: How to mount the camera into the cage?
A: First, attach the ARCA SWISS plate to the camera underneath 1/4
  Second, push the camera with the plate into the cage and tighten the knob on the left hand to fasten it. 

Q: How to remove the top handle?
A: Press the safety pin, and slide the handle out from either side you want to remove the top handle.

Q: Can I use the bottom dovetail plate with ARRI style studio bridge-plate
A: No, since the 19mm studio bridge-plate always very heavy and carry a big camera, so we don’t suggest to do that. However, you can use the baseplate of this kit on the ARRI style bottom dovetail. 

Q: Can I use the Metabones lens adaptor with the cage?
A: Yes, you can use it with the cage. However, you need to remove the base from the Metabones lens adaptor.

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