19mm Studio Bridge Plate


- Fit will all the Cine cameras
- An ARRI standard dovetail
- Compatible with all the 3rd party bottom plate 
- Release button space 

UPC:   840534116064
You Pay:   $399.00

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Product Details

The lanparte BP-19 bridge plate (19mm) is an ARRI standard bridge plate with 19mm studio rods (rods spaced 104mm center to center). It canbe converted from RED standard height to ARRI standard height(120mm from rods center tooptical center); it brings compatibility with studio 19 mm rod systems to an increasing number of ARRI and third-party cameras.The rubberized top coating prevents twisting.

When the tradition baseplate worked with the bottom plate, sometimes,it’s hard to get it out due to the match between 3rd party bottom dovetail plate. We especially leave some space for the finger to press the release button on the dovetail. 

Compatible with all the 3rd party bottom plate with an ARRI dovetail

Bottom plate locking lever

Compatible with all the Cine cameras

Rod locking knob

Some of the 3rd party bottom plate release button may stocked, so we design some space to help cameraman to get the bridge plate out.

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