D-tap 1 to 4 Splitter


- D-Tap Male to Female 1:4

MODEL:   Dtap-1to4
UPC:   840534110390
You Pay:   $39.00

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Product Details

With the Lanparte Pro D-Tap HUB 1x4 Splitter you can power up to four devices from a single D-Tap connection. The cable itself is 63 cm long, so you can conveniently position the four-output end of the cable wherever you need it on your rig. For best operation, ensure that the accessories you are powering don't exceed the maximum current output of the power source.

Weight : 0.1 lb (45.4 g)


Q: What’s the maximum current output of this product?

A:10 Amp

Q: What’s the maximum current output or single output port?

A:3 Amp 

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