LANC Wireless Controller


- Remote Kit
- Spring Cable Included

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Product Details

The LANC remote controller is designed to help cameraman control START/STOP function in the distance for some of SONY (withe LANC or remote) label, Panasonic(ENG camera), and Blackmagic cameras which comes with 2.5mm LANC control.It has two parts the transmitter and receiver. Using the 2.5mm LANC cable to connect the receiver to the camera body, the receiver can draw power from the camera directly. Since the two parts are paired before shipping, so you can use the transmitter to trigger the camera after plugging the cable. We use 2.4G to communicate between the transmitter and receiver, the wireless control range is up to 30M in open environment. On the back of the two parts, there is a 1/4”-20 standard thread.


Q: Can I use the LANC remote controller with my camera?

A: If you have a SONY camera which has a LANC or Remote 2.5mmjack, then you can use it to control it. Some of the Panasonic cameras also adapt to the LANC protocol.

Q: Can I use it to control Blackmagic design camera or monitor?

A: Yes, Blackmagic design camera such as BMCC, BMPCC, URSA MINI and the 4K assist monitor both use the LANC protocol to control.

Q: How to pair the two devices in case?

A: Hold the trigger on the transmitter and wait the signal turn RED, then connect the receiver to the camera. Till the RED light turns off, itis paired.

Q: What’s the battery of the transmitter?

A: We use the button cell in the transmitter, use the screwdriver to open it and replace the button cell.

Q: How long can the button cell last?

A: The power consumption is pretty low, it only works when you press it. So for regular use, it can last for months.

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