A-Mount Battery Pinch 


- Battery charging input
- A-Mount
- Built-in HDMI splitter
- 15mm rod connectors
- USB charging port for mobile devices
- Can be mounted to the back of the rig as counterweight
- Multiple DC Power Outputs

UPC:   840534110055
You Pay:   $212.00

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Product Details

The ABP-01 Aton-Mount Battery Pinch is thepower solution features multiple power outputs and an integrated HDMI splitter,this unit provides effective power and video signal management. It  provides 12, 7.4, and 5V DC of power output to different rig components, while a USB output is available for charging your mobile or wireless device. A barrel jack power input can charge the battery while tethered. It can power device without battery by plug the AC charging adapter directly in to 15/AC jack. Using the integrated 15mm LWS rod clamp,this battery plate can be mounted onto the rear of a shoulder rig. Having the device in this configuration allows you to use it and the battery as acounterweight for an otherwise front-heavy rig.


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