V-Mount Shoulder Support, V2 

Item code:VMS-01

  The VMS-01 is an all in one shoulder pad and baseplate for your DSLR or other Camera.  By using this part rather than a separate base plate and shoulder pad, you can mount your camera directly above the shoulder, making your rig much more balanced.  Because you will not be able to see the rear screen, a monitor or EVF is also a must with this type of set up.
The unit features a dovetail sliding lock quick release plate for the camera, so it can be easily removed for changing lenses etc.  The quick release mechanism is actuated by means of a side locking lever.
  Standard 15mm rails can be mounted ate either side of the unit.  The mounting points are also height adjustable, so accessories can be raised to an appropriate level, relative to shoulder height.
The padding it’s self is made from durable, medium firmness rubber, which is contoured to fit the shoulder perfectly.  The moulding has been designed carefully with ergonomics in mind, in order to provide the highest possible level of comfort, suitable for any shape and size of shoulder.
We recommend the use of the CA-02 C shape support and top handle with this product, which mounts directly to the side with special adaptors, allowing the rig to be held from above, with the weight balanced perfectly (Sold separately).

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