V-Mount Shoulder Support, V2 


- V-Mount lock on bottom of shoulder support
- Quick release system with safety trigger
- Mountable on VCT-14 via the tail lock
- Adjustable rod height
- 15mm Rod connectors
- Ergonomic shoulder pad
- Spirit level
- CNC machined
- Hollow design, lightweight at 3 lb

UPC:   840534108038
You Pay:   $299.00

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Product Details

Build up your DSLR, mirrorless, or camcorder to fit on your shoulder with the Lanparte V-Mount Shoulder Support V2. An arched pad makes up most of the base of the Shoulder Mount, providing a comfortable platform for the rig to rest on your shoulder. The front of the rig has a v-wedge for interfacing with a standard VCT-14 ENG quick release tripod plate. On top of the shoulder mount, a sliding baseplate lets you properly balance the camera after attaching it to the plate. As not all cameras have the same optical axis, the 15mm rods blocks are height-adjustable to allow your 15mm LWS accessories to all fit properly.

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