Tele-Lens Support, V2 


- Lens rubber belt for steady footage when pulling focus
- Snap-on and quick release design
- Height adjustment function up to 60mm (from the rod center)
- Ultra Lightweight design

MODEL:   TS-02
UPC:   840534104122
You Pay:   $69.00

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Product Details

This lens support is the lightest weight on the market for 15mm rod system, it’s only 13mm thickness. The most important part of it is the height adjustment function(60 mm) and the rubber lens belt. The lens support rubber belt can hold maximum outside lens diameter up to 95mm.

When cameraman was pulling focus, the camera lens always shakes a little bit, especially happens with the Tele lens. The shake can easily destroy the footage. However, with the rubber lens belt, the lens is tightly sitting in the support bracket, the cameraman can get a steady footage when he is pulling focus.

Further more with the snap-on design, enabling you to attach the support to your camera rig's 15mm rods without needing to remove other rod-mounted accessories.


Height adjustment

Snap 0n & quick release design

Rubber lens belt keep the lens steady when cameraman is pulling the focus


Q:What’s the MAX diameter of the lens can it support?


Q:How to adjust the height of the lens?

A:Lose the side knob to adjust the height of the support bracket.

Q: What is the highest position can the support be?

A:60mm from the rod center.

Q:What’s the width of the rubber lens belt?

A:The width of it is :10mm.

Q:How to adjust the height of the lens

A:Lose the side knob to adjust the height of the support bracket.

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