BMCC Complete Camera Rig with Matte Box and Follow Focus for Blackmagic Cinema Camera


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Product Details


This is lanparte customized kit forBlackmagic cine camera. It's solid and compact.We use modular design method to do it, so for different cameras, the cameraman only need to replace the cage toget another customized rig.

Package Content:

1.Matte Box, V1 (MB-01)
2.Follow Focus,V2 (FF-02)
3.Universal Grip (UG-02)
4.Gear ring,V2 (FFGR-02)
5.Top Handle (TH-02)
6.Top Cheese Plate (TCP-01)
7.Side Support-Arm (Cage-01)
8. Bottom Cheese Plate (BCP-01)
9.Dovetail Plate (DB-15)
10.2*300mm Rods and 2*200mm Rods (AR-200/ 300)
11.Dovetail Base Plate (DP-15)
12.Magic-Arm (MA-02)
13.Should Pad Support (SS-01)
14.Height Raiser Clamp (HRC-01)
15.V-Mount Battery (VB-150)
16.V-Mount Battery Pinch (VBP-01)
17.D-tap cable for BMCC (DC-55-25)

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