Lanparte Universal Camera Rig V2-C with Carbon Fiber Matte Box and Shoulder Support


15mm Rod Shoulder-Mount RigHeight Adjustable Bridge Plate

-C-Shaped Support Arm with Top Handle

-Dual Handgrip System & Shoulder Support

-Magic Arm EVF/Monitor Mount-Follow Focus with Integrated Hard Stops

-V-Mount Battery Plate with HDMI Splitter

-ABS Case with Custom Foam Interior;

UPC:  840534101046
You Pay:   $1780.00

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Product Details


The Lanparte Professional DSLR Kit V2 provides you with the same fully loaded 15mm rod support rig for DSLR and mirrorless cameras as the PK-02 kit, with the exception of the V-mount battery and HDMI monitor.

The rig is built around a 15mm rod V-lock bridge plate and a large C-shaped support frame, with a pair of 14.4" long rods provided to support an included follow focus and matte box. 

For shoulder-mounted configurations, the kit comes with an adjustable dual handgrip system, a padded shoulder support, and an adjustable Magic Arm to mount an optional monitor or EVF. 

Rounding out the kit is a battery adapter plate that accepts V-mount batteries, and a LP-E6 dummy battery pack lets you power select Canon cameras like the 5D and 7D from the adapter plate.

When not in use, the key components of the rig can be safely stored inside a hard protection case with custom pre-cut foam interior.


1 Universal Grip,V2(UG-02)

2 Carbon Fiber Matte Box,V2(MB-02)

3 Follow Focus,V2 (FF-02)

4 Gear Ring,V2 (FFGR-02)

5 V-Mount Baseplate (VMP-01)

6 C-Arm,V2 (CA-02)

7 Top Handle (TH-01)

8 10" Magic Arm (MA1-10)

9 Shoulder Support,V2 (SS-02)

10 V mount Battery Pinch (VBP-01)

11 E6 Dummy Battery Pack (E6P-01)

12 HDMI cables (HDMI-150/ 100/ 65)

13 Focus whip (long 405mm) (FW-01)

14 Tele-Lens Support, V2 (TS-02)

15 ASC Protection Case (ASC-01)

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