LanParte DSLR Camera Shoulder Rig V1 with Power System and Protective Case


  • -15mm Rod Shoulder-Mount Rig

  • -Height Adjustable Bridge Plate

  • -C-Shaped Support Arm with Top Handle

  • -Dual Handgrip System & Shoulder Support

  •  -7" HDMI Monitor

  • - Magic Arm EVF/Monitor Mount

  • -Follow Focus with Integrated Hard Stops

  • -V-Mount Battery Plate with HDMI Splitter

  • -150Wh V-Mount Battery

  • -ABS Case with Custom Foam Interior

UPC:  840534101015
You Pay:   $1999.00

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Product Details

  • The Lanparte Professional DSLR Kit V1 provides you with a fully loaded 15mm rod support rig for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. 
  • The rig is built around a 15mm rod bridge plate and a C-shaped support arm, with a pair of 11.8" long rods provided to support an included follow focus and matte box. 
  • For shoulder-mounted configurations, the kit comes with an adjustable dual handgrip system, a padded shoulder support, and a basic 7" HDMI monitor for framing and focusing your shots. 
  • The monitor is mounted to the top of the rig using an adjustable Magic Arm EVF/monitor mount.
  •  Rounding out the kit is a 150Wh V-mount lithium-ion battery and a V-mount power adapter plate. A LP-E6 dummy battery pack lets you power select Canon cameras like the 5D and 7D.
  •  When not in use, the key components of the rig can be safely stored inside a hard protection case with custom pre-cut foam interior.


1 Universal Grip,V2(UG-02)

2 Matte Box,V1(MB-01)

3 Follow Focus,V2 (FF-02)

4 Gear Ring,V2 (FFGR-02)

5 Bridge Plate,V2 (BP-02B)

6 C-Arm,V1 (CA-01)

7 Top Handle (TH-01)

8 Magic-Arm,V1 (MA1-10)

Shoulder Support,V1 (SS-01)

10 Height Raiser Clamp (HRC-01)

11 V mount Battery Pinch (VBP-01)

12 V mount Battery (VB-150)

13 E6 Dummy Battery Pack (E6P-01)

14 HDMI cables (HDMI-150/ 100/ 65)

15 Feelworld 759 Monitor (FWD-759)

16 ASC Protection Case (ASC-01)

17 Tele-Lens Support, V2 (TS-02)

18 Focus whip (long 405mm) (FW-01)

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